One day at a time

Having been given our Professional Practice brief yesterday  (4th Feb) I am excited and a little tentative at the same time.

Excited by the prospect of the new and because I have lots of ideas; yet tentative in terms of what, when and how to record my progress..

A few of my main ideas at this stage relate to networking and connecting with professional Artists I have encountered. Having set my blog up, I want to stay connected with the Artists I know eg. Sarah Spackman ( and Diana Bell ( – who I was fortunate to have as my tutors at Sunningwell School of Art ( prior to starting my degree at Swindon School of Art.

I want also, to capture my experience with the Marlborough Open Studio, having been awarded with the student bursary for 2014.

As I type I’m thinking that I probably need separate pages for various different subjects and just update as and when there is anything worthwhile to update.

Our other new module is a Live Group Project – this will tie in nicely and run along side the Professional Practice module

So , perhaps I need to have the following separate headers:


MOS Student Bursary 2014

Live Group Project

Do I also take this opportunity to share my work and in which case do I have separate pages for Printmaking and Ceramics?

To be decided….

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